Friday, 7 February 2014

Day One

Today I waded through the children's portfolios trying to come to grips with the capabilities of the learners that I will be working with.

There are about thirty children that I will be learning with so we divided them up into four smaller groups as we find out more about their strengths and needs.

When we know more more about their capabilitites will shuffle them around - no batch teaching here!!

On Monday I want to give them a survey to find out what they think about school, writing and their strengths. I thought I would find out what the library computers were capable of doing that I was going to get to work with.

There were six eMacs, two Indigo Macs and an iMac.

Hurdle One- four of them didn't have mice! Teachers evidently cannibalise these computers while no one is watching. Look out! Now I'm watching!

Hurdle Two: three of them have lost their date so think it's way back in 2001 so give security warnings all over the place. By the time I realised everyone else had gone home. A job for early Monday morning.

Hurdle Three: The bookmarks were all over the place so I tidied them all up, shortening long ones, making myself a folder so 'my kids' can find things I want to access on line.

Hurdle Four: Someone off site makes Google identities so I have to use my ordinary gmail. I used Google URL shortener to make a URL I could manually add to each eMac and bookmark it so kids could easily access it next week.

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