Monday, 10 February 2014

Day Two- We Meet

Today I got my first introduction to the boys- in small bunches I am happy to say.

I quickly introduced myself, when and where we would be meeting, sold the idea of why we were meeting and did the survey.

For the younger ones the survey was a bit of a mission but we got there.

As the survey was in Google Forms it was so easy to get a summary of responses all neatly represented with little pie graphs and percentages!

Most of the boys were quite positive about school generally but those that didn't like writing deeply disliked it.

We then did a short piece of writing for seven minutes- what could the boys come up with? I suggested they choose the writing implement and paper they could write on. They chose where to go and do their hand written writing sample- a couple sat at tables, one stood up the whole time, some sat on the floor at low tables and some organised themselves some cushions.

One lad was only capable of writing three words in that time. Most were are able to string sentences together but without proofreading most didn't have sentences and I had to write notes at the bottom to make sure that I would be able to re-read them later.

After all the boys had left we put them in four groups of 6 or 7 across the year levels. So each group will have a Yr 3, a Year 4, a year 5 and a year 6.

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